About The Neal’s Neal’s   Gallery   &   Frame   Shop   is   a   family   affair.   Customers   who   walk   in the   door   will   be   greeted   by   Gordon,   Margaret   or   Cindy   Neal.   And,   if customers   have   been   to   Neal’s   Gallery   before,   chances   are   they   will   be greeted    by    their    first    names.    Because    at    Neal’s    Gallery,    customers become   family,   too.   While   they   have   been   at   their   current   location   since 1988,    the    Neal’s    have    many    years    of    experience    in    the    framing business.    Formerly    teachers    in    the    Hickman    Mills    School    District, Gordon    and    Margaret    opened    American    Handicraft    stores    at    Ward Parkway, Metcalf South & Blue Ridge Mall in the 1970’s. In   1977   they   had   franchise   stores   for   House   Of   Frames   in   Independence   and   North   Kansas   City.   Eventually   the   franchise company was sold, and Neal’s Gallery and Frame Shop was born at 4017 Sterling Avenue in Kansas City, MO The   Neal’s   have   provided   expert   framing   with   an   emphasis   on   customer   service   for   the   last   three   decades   in   Kansas   City. Situated   close   to   the   Truman   Sports   Complex,   the   Neal’s   often   frame   items   for   the   CHIEFS,   ROYALS,   WIZARDS. Because   of   their   fast   turn   around,   many   times,   “Same   Day   Service”,   the   production   team   asked   the   Neal’s   to   frame   two Chiefs   Jerseys   that   Trent   Green   and   Tony   Richardson   gave   for   “Extreme   Home   Makeover”   The   personal   service   and attention   each   customer   receives,   keeps   them   one   of   the   last   family–owned   business   in   the   framing   business. The   Neal’s care    about    their    customers    as    individuals    and    offer    one-on-one    service    that    keeps    bringing    customers    back    for generations.
The Neal's with former Chiefs Coach Herman Edwards
Professional Custom Framing Since 1977
The Neal's with Coach Herman Edwards
Phone:  816-353-8300   or  Email:  info@nealsgalleryframeshop.com